This Indian Movie Is About Soccer Game: Sudani From Nigeria

SudaniFrom Nigeria is a finished performer for those who wish to watch satire motion pictures. It makes you snicker more enthusiastically and comprehend the circumstances better. It isn’t only a parody film yet additionally a film which has heaps of understanding on the best way to deal with torment and enthusiasm. You will consistently have a good time watching this excellent film, it feels extraordinary and better by viewing. Watch Sudani from Nigeria movie online and appreciate the good times. the latest telugu movies online are picked for you on Aha. watch these sorts of films and deliver your pressure and appreciate extra time.


SudaniFrom Nigeria is a film which depends on the game and the connection of the lounge chair and player. So the story takes off with Majeed who is a lone wolf in a little town in kerala called Malappuram. Their town partakes in football matches with different towns. It has played seven and every one of them are debacles. Being the supervisor and mentor of the group Majeed needs to have some solid and great player. he begins the hunt to select players. At that point in that cycle he discovers Samuel. He is from Nigeria, he is an extraordinary player and he demonstrates it constantly. He has become a four leaf clover for the group and continued winning. One day in a game he has a physical issue. Smauel has no spot to go as he doesn’t have a place here. So majeed takes him to his folks’ place where his mom and step father live. After this, Samuel and Majeed turned into the day by day bases. One day Samuel needed to tune in to terrible news about her grandma. Watch the film to know Samuels life in Nigeria and what he does straightaway.

Technical Aspects:

  • Film must a point where it instructs to regard the relations and their qualities. Not simply that he causes us to see how to follow the energy and nail in that perspective.
  • Music of the film is a little out of the case, the foundation score was decent yet then the sound parcel might have been exceptional for comprehension.
  • The film is known for its outright great areas, foundation and sounds. It’s acceptable that this film appears to be straightforward yet uncommon.
  • Editing of the film is smooth and clear.
  • All the cast who have worked from primary lead to side entertainers were great and perfect.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: SoubinShahir, Samuel Abiola Robinson

Other Actors: K T C Abdullah, Aneesh G. Menon

Director: Zakariya Mohammed

Producer: Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid

Music Directors: Rex Vijayan, Kishan Mohan, Rex Vijayan, ShahabazAman and more

Cinematographer:Shyju Khalid

Editor: Noufal Abdullah

Writer: Zakariya Mohammed, MuhsinParari

More Information:

Genre: Sports, Drama

Runtime: 124 Minutes

Release date: 23 March 2018

Budget: 2.5 crore

Box Office: 30 crore

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