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Syrana gave a breathless little giggle. His female trainer was leaning against him, dressed in nothing but a pink skirt and white top, hair left long and loose, black, cascading down her back while she rubbed her hand idly through the fur of his flank. Syrana groaned faintly atop him, rubbing at her clit lightly, beginning to bounce herself heatedly atop him. Colin swallowed hard and shuddered for a long moment, unable to help but watch the mesmerizing movements of the Ninetales tongue against herself, swallowing hard for a moment, his cheeks flushing as hot as they possibly good before he gave a guilty nod, shuddering and sliding his leg together tightly, trying to ignore the insistently swelling growing between them. He shifted uncomfortably for a moment, and then she giggled innocently, a paw sliding into his lap and squeezing at the growing bulge in his pants.

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