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‘Girls’ Review: “On All Fours”

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Rather than break up with her, he pushes the boundaries of comfort by being as unsettling as he can be because he wants her to see him the way her friends see him -- and really, deep down, that's the way she was going to see him pretty soon anyway. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Marnie, Shoshanna, and Ray all drop in on Charlie's company's celebratory party, where Marnie decides it's the perfect time to make her big singing debut, doing the sort of cover a girl like Marnie would do of Kanye West's "Stronger. The final shot we get is of Hannah, sitting in her bathroom with the bloody Q-Tip from before, uncomfortably shoving it in her undamaged ear. These people are young, they make mistakes, and they'll make them over and over again even though they know better. It's a problem that is too real and too shameful, and it lacks the provocative novelty of her other flaws.

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