Get Your Hands on the Best crab claw meat singapore

Have you ever wondered what the best crab claw meat singapore tastes like? If so, look no further than Pearl Blue at Marina Bay Sands! This speciality seafood and steak restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, including fresh crab claws flown in daily from the East Coast of Australia. So whether you want to enjoy them with your family or just by yourself, it’s time to get your hands on some amazing crab claw meat in Singapore.

How to get your hands on fresh crab

The best crab claw meat singapore will always be at your local seafood market. If you’re looking for fresh and succulent crab, head down to a market where you can select your own. You’ll have to cut open and clean it yourself, but that’s half of what makes it fun. At seafood markets, you’ll find all sorts of live or recently dead crabs waiting for shoppers to pick them up. When buying crabs, make sure they smell like nothing (or slightly fishy) rather than shrimp or lobster, which means they’re no longer fresh. The meat should be white and opaque, if it’s faded orange, don’t buy it. Also, avoid any dead crabs; if one is missing its legs or claws that are not a good sign either. Make sure to ask when you purchase how long ago it was caught. It should have been caught within 24 hours of being sold. Finally, when picking out a crab, look for one with hard shells; soft shells mean they’ve been sitting around too long without refrigeration.