Typical plumbing problems in our home and how to fix them

When we talk about those recurring problems in the home, those related to plumbing cannot be absent, a complex system that is impossible to neglect and that many times we can solve ourselves, without having the experience of a professional plumber.

For this, it is necessary to carry out a maintenance plan, but since in reality almost no one does it, we end up reacting only when it is too late and complicated to act on our own and, now, it is when we have to resort to handyman in Commerce Township, MI services of an expert .

Low water pressure

If the water pressure has ever been reduced and we are not getting the amount and pressure of water we want from our pipes, this could be a small problem, but also something much more complex. A common cause of low water pressure is the accumulation of deposits or sediment, since the water that passes through the pipes carries dissolved materials that can adhere to metal surfaces, a home remedy for this situation, at least for the shower, is Place a plastic bag full of vinegar over it overnight and see if that removes the build-up of so-called saltpeter.

If the water pressure is still low after trying this it could be a more complex problem, such as a plumbing leak. If this is the case, the foundation of our home could be damaged and the water bill could increase drastically so it’s time to call in a professional.

Noisy toilets and no flush power

If our toilet does not stop working after flushing, it is time to replace the tank fittings, a task that we may be able to do on our own with a repair kit. It could also be the accumulation of sediment or problems with the pipes that lead to the toilet, these can cause the flush to be inefficient, a common problem in areas with “heavy” water or with a high concentration of salts and that maintenance with different solutions, such as that of hydrochloric acid, can be solved.